Tilly & Tigg Pink Party Bags - 8 Pack


About these 'Tilly & Tigg Recyclable Party Bags’:
Send your daring little princesses off with these useful pink party bags. Pack them with birthday cake, thank you cards and treats or use them as gift bags for someone else’s birthday present. Display them by the door for your guests to look forward to at the end of the party and hand out as a thank you treat.

Bag size: 15cm x 28cm
Pack size: 8 Party Bags with twine handles

Why we love these 'Tilly & Tigg Recyclable Party Bags’:
These beautifully designed and decorated party bags are a brilliant send off at the end of a celebration being it birthday, tea party or baby shower but can also be used to carry a gift off to another party for someone else. You can recycle the designs into all sorts of other things to - make present labels or badges with the illustrations or use them to decorate plain wrapping paper.

How to dispose of these 'Tilly & Tigg Recyclable Party Bags’:
These recyclable party bags are always eager to go on another adventure! Help them do this by reusing them for another occasion, and don't forget to tell your guests to do so too. We are striving to become a completely eco-friendly party supplier and have designed these party bags to be plastic free and recyclable for home recycling bins.

Product: Widely Recycled
Packaging: Widely Recycled


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