Animal Dipstick Game For Kids


About this ‘Animal Shout Out Game For Kids’:
Perfect for young explorers to test their animal knowledge. Don your khakis and your adventurer’s hat as you compete against your friends in this shout out animal trivia game. A fun and energetic game for kids of the curious kind to play at birthdays, on holiday, or when the rain has put a halt to exploring your nearest garden or park.

Each game contains 80 double sided sticks

Recommended for ages 5+. Suitable for 2+ players

How to play this ‘Animal Shout Out Game For Kids’:
Put your knowledge of the animal kingdom to the test as you go head to head in this shout out game. Dip in, pull out a stick and read the question to the other players - can you name a blue animal or a species of fish? Be the first to shout out a correct animal to win the stick; the player with the most sticks at the end of the game wins!

Who to play this ‘Animal Shout Out Game For Kids with’:
If you can’t find Indiana Jones, Lara Croft or some other explorer, you may just have to settle for some friends and family when you issue your challenge to this battle of knowledge.


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