Christmas Crowd Bingo Game


About this 'Christmas Bingo Game’:
A family favourite, we've given this classic game a festive twist in the latest addition to our Christmas Crowd range of no fuss party games for the holiday season. When our tables are full to the brim with food and the house full of guests, we don’t always have time or space to play more traditional board games. With that in mind, we’ve designed a smaller version of our bestselling bingo game in a stocking sized box for a quick and easy game to pick up and play. Perfect for entertaining and won’t take up precious cheese and wine space at your Christmas gatherings.

Contains 100 Bingo sheets, 48 Christmas calling cards, 8 Bingo paddles and 1 lucky dip bag

Recommended for age 6+ and 3+ players

> How to play this 'Christmas Bingo Game’:
Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to bring the fun of the bingo hall back home. Take turns calling numbers or elect a host if you have a natural bingo banterer in your midst. The rules are simple, wait for the host to call out your numbers, cross them off your bingo sheet and race to win a line or go for a full house. Don't forget to use the raise your paddle in the air and shout...well you know what.

Who to enjoy this 'Christmas Bingo Game’ with:
Play with family and friends at the Christmas table, on Boxing Day or any occasion this festive season. A brilliant game to keep things lively and keep young and old guests away from the inevitable afternoon snooze.


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