Clare founded TT in 1998 from a spare bedroom. Clare has many passions, some of which include family, gardening, gatherings, contemporary art and theatre.
Mark oversees the financial & technical areas of TT. Mark is an avid Liverpool fan & enjoys watching the Cricket.

Account Support & Customer Service

Paul is our Senior Customer Services Manager. A dedicated fitness freak with a penchant for little pooches.
One of our longest serving customer support team members He loves a good leftover lunch, plays in a band, Modern Ruin and is a key member of Platechester Unapkin!
Kate supports all our European and International customers. Kate is a member of German and Book clubs and is a vocal supporter of the sandwich man!
Marco deals with international customers and distributors. He speaks several languages including French and Italian, he even wants to learn a few more!
David is our Customer Service Assistant. He is super healthy and enthusiastic about all things vegan but we've definitely spotted him eating an egg sandwich before...
Serena is in our International Accounts Support team and with good reason - she speaks 4 languages!
McKenna is an aspiring US customer support superstar, as well as an aspiring actress. Having just graduated from Drama School she has now moved to NY to launch both careers!

Sales Team

Jonathan our Vice President of Sales is a football loving, English tea drinking, jokester with one powerful inside out jacket that he wears on special occasions. Jonathan has enough jokes in him to keep the entire US office laughing!
Carly is our Amazon account manager and is in charge of making sure we sell, sell, sell on Amazon!
Clare (aka 'CB') Account manages our mid-tier clients along with some of our VIP independents. She has a love of dogs & regularly visits flower markets around London.
Sophie manages the premium tier of our national accounts. She is a sparkly shoe addict, apart from when she is playing in our Tag Rugby team!
Ella is forever loving Nigella and can't eat Nutella but loves an Estrella.. oh whatever
Sophia is lover of dancing and travelling and is a big foodie... but she absolutely hates goats cheese.
Antonietta (Tonya) is our European Account Manager. Tonya enjoys globetrotting everywhere, to try good food from every single country and chat with people. She’s the perfect mate for European meetings!
Jade is passionate about making people happy, she supports all our UK customers. Jade enjoys organising events & celebrations and has recently taken a keen interest in photography.

Supply Chain

Jocelyn heads up our Supply Chain team and has recently moved overseas to Hong Kong to explore new TT frontiers!
Daniel buys our product from all over the world! He is also infamously on the most TT brochure front covers
Lovisa is our shipping extraordinaire. Just as she expertly transports our goods all over the world, she has shipped herself off to 30 countries, achieving her travel goal of 30 before 30!
Olivia is our shipping protégé, making sure the production process is going to plan. She is the queen of coffee & feta salads!
Chris is our very own safety man. You can usually find him setting off a party cannon somewhere in the office!
Leon is TT's Production Coordinator over in Shanghai. He's our go-to guy for anything and everything that happens during the production process!
Binfen is an avid swimmer & loves to travel. Working in our Shanghai office, she is our very own social compliance auditor.
Brenda is our Supply Chain Leader over in our Shanghai office. She's an expert in ensuring all our products are shipped out on time and loves learning new things.
Iris is our Buying Assistant over in Shanghai, helping to source everything we need for each season. She has a passion for travelling and going to the theatre.

Grocery Hub

Claire heads up Volume Account village and her favourite celebrity of all time is........ Harold Bishop.
Volume Accounts buyer Matthew is a keen chef & regularly shares his speciality pulled pork. He is also the captain & organiser of the office football team 'Platechester Unapkin'
A key member of the Grocery Hub's Merchandising team, Damian is becoming a master at booking shipments. Damian is from Poland which comes in handy speaking to our Polish suppliers!
Lucy is our 'go-to-gal' for all things Seasonal events. Lucy's childhood dream was to be Miss Scotland. There is still time...
Jateen is our Excel wizard and is always happy to help those in need of some Excel magic.
Ellie is the Grocery Hub's PD Assistant. She's a star baker and once had an audition for the Great British Bake Off!
Dan is one of our Grocery Hub Account Managers. He hails from sunny Leeds and has just moved down to London to explore the big smoke.


Assunta is our Marketing Manager with a flair for presentations. Aside from her love of travelling she regularly likes to cleanse her mind with a spot of yoga.
Helen is our USA marketing manager. She's a superstar traveller, frequenting New York and Vegas on work missions all the time!
Alice is TT’s resident marketing executive elf who enjoys reading the news in a funny voice. She is our trade show guru and also looks after our PR team.
Caio is our eCommerce manager. He's a Brazilian steak lover and doesn't mind if you accidentally call him Ciao.
Hannah is our super talented Design studio assistant who is always happy to help with last minute tasks. She is also a keen prosecco drinker which came in handy when she modelled as our TT bride!


Rebecca heads our Product Development team.
Heads TT's PD Team, Ali is also our resident ‘floral’ guru adding prettiness where ever she goes!
TT Brand Senior Product Developer, Seasonal and children’s product developer. Sacha has an unrivalled passion for product and parties, often hosting parties for her friends and family.
Rosie is TT’s star product developer who loves all things glitter & gold. Our go-to guide on London, Rosie is the resident expert on the highlights of the city.
Harriet might be one of the newest PD’s at TT but she’s already an old favourite! She totally believes in unicorns; this might stem from her secret love of Harry Potter……
Fiona is a TT Product Developer with a passion for all things tropical. When not at work, Fiona can often be found practising her back stroke in her favourite outdoor lidos around London.
Our very own Caractacus Potts! Max brings innovation, invention & most importantly, fun to all his projects.
International PD Omar is the man about town when it comes to sewing & swing dancing. You wont want to share the dance floor with him! Strictly speaking he always gets more than a 7.
As an experienced illustrator & designer, Melanie always delivers work with elegance & pizazz.
TT's games guru - you will definitely want her on your team at any pub quiz. Amy loves but misses her 2 dogs up north & is an avid follower of the England Cricket team.
Kathryn is a TT product developer who starred on the packaging of some of our wedding products - with photographs from her own wedding!
New kid on the block, Tommy, is a dab hand at developing gifts and games. He loves eating sushi and adores cute animals… a perfect TT team fit.
Emma is our wonderful office manager who keeps us all organised and in check at all times. She is a meme queen and never fails to send out an email that makes us all laugh.

HR & Hostesses

Design Studio

Kate is Design Manager for our in-house Design Studio. Kate is highly creative and a great sales lady, she wears many hats, we especially like it when she wears her baking hat!
Cami is our studio flow manager and is super organised and efficient. You can usually find her at the lunch table, telling someone their horoscope!
Maria is one of our resident artwork wizards, adept in all things print, pattern and party, you name it! Maria makes some of the most wonderful vegetarian food ever!
Aimee is our superstar mock-up artist who is queen of making gorgeous things - at work and at home!
One of TT’s more experienced artworkers, as well as a loving mum! Angelica is very meticulous, her mock up pieces are carefully crafted.
Esme is our super chatty and happy designer, always creating gorgeous products down in the studio!
Carey, artworker and tea maker with an appreciation of all things creative, particularly automotive art with a Steve McQueen print at home. Enjoys dog walks in Richmond Park with a cup of tea to finish.


Deena heads up the Accounts Team with cool, calm efficiency. She can always be trusted to bring a Bollywood twist to any social gathering.
Najeeka is our super organised Accounts Assistant in charge of the purchase ledger & expenses. She is always ready to assist everyone with a smile on her face!
George is our Accounts Assistant responsible for the Sales Ledger. He speaks three languages & enjoys meeting new people.