Our mission to a more sustainable future

We believe a business can prioritise people and the planet whilst being successful. We know that you share our concern about climate change and people’s wellbeing. You want to party like there is a tomorrow. We’re on a mission to reduce our environmental impact and provide eco-friendly choices so you really can plan it, host it and love it.

We’re constantly exploring new ways to improve and aren’t shy to celebrate our successes, including some widely adopted world firsts. We’re putting the wellbeing of our people first and prioritising our charities and communities through fundraising and volunteering. But we know talk is cheap and greenwashing is the new marketing spin.

That’s why we’ve applied to become a B Corporation – a gathering of companies that meet the highest verified social and environmental standards - and we will always be transparent about our journey.

We love bringing people together – will you join us?

Our commitments

We’re phasing out single-use plastics: 87% of our spring/summer 22 collection is free from single-use plastic. This year we will remove all plastic packaging from our birthday candles and from inside our puzzles.

Our paper products are recyclable and by that we mean home recyclable – just pop it in your recycling bin. Some of our napkins are home compostable too.

Where a product cannot be recyclable we ensure it’s built to last so you can use it again and again. Or ‘recycle’ it via a charity shop so someone else can enjoy it.

We’re committed to sourcing in the most ethical, sustainable and socially conscious way possible. We have held an FSC licence since 2012. Look out for our green tree logo for all of our FSC®-certified products.

We’re putting our people first – for example, everyone has £500 a year to spend on their wellbeing. And volunteering days are an important part of our giving back activities which also include charity fundraising.

We don’t think the global goal of achieving net zero by 2050 is good enough. So we aim to be net zero by 2030.

B Corp certification is only granted to companies meeting high social and environmental standards. We believe in everything B Corp stands for and meet the qualifying standards so have applied for accreditation which we’re expecting this year.

We are committed to the long-term environmental benefits of offsetting through tree planting. This year we will expand our tree planting with Ecologi, offsetting all the paper used to produce our paper napkins and games.

The world’s first 100% recyclable paper cup

Did you know that the plastic or wax coatings used in most ‘paper’ cups means that they cannot be recycled and go straight into landfill? Our new home recyclable cups are different. 

Our sustainability journey

Talking Tables

Ecologi forest

Why not enter our virtual Talking Tables Ecologi foresg. As grown (and growing) by you.

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